The power of healing magnetism

What is Biomagnetism

Our cells are made up of electrons, protons and neutrons that carry an electrical charge. When we are sick or in pain the cells of our body in that area are out of alignment.

Placing magnets on the body in specific places redirects the currents of energy running in the body and can have a profound healing effect. 

There are over 300 established pairs of magnet positions that alleviate the symptoms of physical, emotional and mental pain. 

Of course these new healthier energy patterns in the body must be preserved through energetic alignment but Biomagnetic pairing therapy offers you the space to do that work symptom free. 

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Bio-Magnetic Pairing Therapy

This in person session comprises of a full assessment where I measure the strength of the magnetic fields in your body by looking at muscle and nerve length. Once I have established which fields require re-balancing I place pairs of magnets on your body for a specific period of time to correct the magnetic field strenghts. Often symptoms are immediately eliviated.  

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Bio-Energetic Pairing Therapy

Through setting intention and connection with the energy of the body bio-magnetic pairing therapy results can be acheived at a distance. This online session will shortly be availalbe so you can continue your healing from anywhere in the world.