For Divine Beings who want it all...

I love your vibe!

Just like me you won't settle for less that the glorious life you deserve, you are willing to put in the work and divine energy is already flowing toward you...

What my Divinity Within Package includes...

Bringing you all that is in your highest in just 4 short months*

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1:1 Divine Energy Coaching

16 weeks of undivided support from me. 1 hour focused session each week, daily support and connection. I will be with you each step you take into embodiment and empowerment.

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Personal Ayurvedic Journey

In 16 weeks we will have your self-love routine, diet, movement, mental health and so much more in phenomenal shape.

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2 x Experiential Healing Sessions

Removing the blocks holding you back from your divine right to a glorious life. These sessions alone are life changing and you will get two! 

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Divine Warrior Retreat

Your place on the retreat is assured. You will have a VIP pass working with the best healers and teachers in divine energy on the planet. *Dates 20-27 July 2024.

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Divine Goddess Group Membership

Life time access to my Divine Goddess Group of powerful women. Monthly podcasts, facebook group, divine feminine rituals, deep connections. Together we are more.

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Divine Energy Yoga Course

16 weeks of transformative yoga, focused on moving energy in your body, introducing powerful meditations that will activate the divine energy living within you. 

Worth £4000 I am offering it to you for only £3333

What will you feel?

Like the person you always wanted to be and knew you were.

No more holding back, full on, full embodied beautiful you.

Glorious, authentic, content. 

Due to the uniquely personal support offered through the Divinity Within Package I only work with two amazing human beings at a time. The wait list is growing! Don't miss your divine timing.

Let's light up this world