Are you ready to set your world alight?

Life is meant to be an adventure, full of love, fun, peace and connection. If your life doesn't feel like that right now then this course is for you. During our 8 weeks together you will create a new belief system and reality for yourself. All the souls called to your group have an unbreakable bond already, you just haven't met them yet! Together we will go deep into the energetic weave that creates our reality and you will emerge like a light from the dark. You will understand how you are holding yourself back and will find the courage to make the changes you want to. 

Together we will shake out everything no longer needed and embody who you are meant to become. The course is built on empowerment principles so when you leave you are equipped to handle your own energy and respond authentically to that of others. 

Core Content

  • Energy in motion - cleanse, expand and regulate energy
  • Boundaries, projection, responsibility and mirrors
  • Alignment, intuition, trust and surrender
  • Manifestation and visualisation
  • Core beliefs, values and barriers
  • Balancing Shakti and Shiva within
  • Make it sacred - ancestors, elements, prayer
  • Reparenting all the ages of you
  • Connecting to spirit - guides, crystals, cards.
  • Erotic and energy bodies - self pleasure and touch
  • Energy vortex balance - chakra mapping
  • Stories, attachment and release
  • Honesty, intention, discipline and doing the work. 

The power of tribe

Feeling seen, being heard and being supported in life are essential for thriving. During this course your group will become your tribe. The shared experience and vulnerability you will share through your transformation journeys is bonding in an unbreakable way. 

Those souls we call to us act as mirrors, mentors, a hand to hold as well as a weight to strenghen ourselves with. The relationships built during this course continue for life times. 

How does it work?

  • Each week you will join a group call, you will gain new perspectives and insights, review what is coming up individually and collectively, share your progress and learn to empower yourself and others in the group to become who they are truly meant to.
  • There is a private facebook group and optional whatsapp group so you have continuous support on your journey.
  • Each week you are required to give time to developing your skills, including using key tools and techniques to navigate your emotions and mind. 
  • Group size is limited to a maximum of 8 people.