The importance of touch in healing cannot be underestimated. It is the fastest most efficient and direct way to transfer and move energy within the body. Over many years I have mastered the art of using Massage not only as a tool to bring about physical healing but also energetic and emotional healing. 

When I massage my intention is to transfer the energy of love and safety into the body. This often results in a deep sensation of coming home, of being seen, accepted and loved. 

I offer 2 types of massage

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Thai Yogic Massage

Using a combination of accupressure, deep earthy touch and yoga postures this clothed massage moves you into your parasympathertic nervous system leaving you grounded and relaxed. This block is an item collection and allows multiple similar items to be added and removed. You can drag these items to reorder them.

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Swedish Flow Massage

This oil massage is fluid and light, it faciliatates lymphatic drainage, eases muscles, releases toxins and circulates energy in the body. Using a combination of techniques you are left feeling centred, lifted and relaxed.