Take this 8 week yoga journey into the energy of the divine

This unique yoga journey will guide you into greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual alignment and balance. I will be taking you deep into the understanding of how the sacred energy that moves within you can bring about the changes you desire in life.

I will guide you through breath-work (pranayama), physical yoga asana (postures), meditation and relaxation so you start to align on all levels, creating a sanctuary within, and a deep trust in the divine support that surrounds you.

The divine energetics of yoga asana have been revealed to those willing to practice over time, let me help you get there faster with clear descriptions of how to move the energy within your body through movement, intention and visualisation.

Be ready to experience new realisations and awarenesses as your body, mind, emotions and soul come together as one.

I had no idea that the experience of a yoga class could be so profound. I hadn't practiced in many years and within a single class Helen had connected me with an experience of oneness I cannot describe. It has stayed with me since. There is no longer "I" only "we". I am forever grateful for this new awareness and way of being in the world.

Yoga Class Attendee

We work with 8 divine energies bringing the power and essence of them into your body...


Her energy is grounded and abundant as mother earth is. Invite in stability, practicality and fertility to grow new aspects of yourself. She is the provider of all of your needs and the container for all life. 


His warrior energy is strong and balanced, he is known as the peaceful warrior, upholder of the truth, the first guru of yoga. Renowned for his third eye that searches relentlessly inwards to shine a light on all that is hidden.


The divine deity "Vayu" is considered the God of All Gods, without air there is no prana, our life force, and we cease to exist. Vayu is the god of the air, the wind, movement within the body, pranic life force and the breath. 



The essence of water is a clarifying, cleansing, harmonious, flowing, energy that is balanced in its life bringing and destructive nature. Recognising the ability of water to reach its destination using all means, water is both powerful and free. It has the full spectrum from gentle rain drops to destructive tidal waves capable of destroying life.


The power of Fire as a divine energy has been revered throughout the history of yoga – from physical fire used in rituals, to the internal flame of the heart, and the digestive fire or agni. In the ancient Vedic texts, Agni, the fire deity is mentioned in one of the very first verses. It represents the fire of the sun, lightning, as well as the fires lit within homes, to cook with and rituals. 


Shakti is considered the dynamic energy that creates, maintains and destroys the universe. The Mother Goddess, encompassing both the light and the dark, she is seen to represent all feminine power, fertility and strength. She is the protector of both the earth and the after life. She can be gentle, generous and benevolent as well as fierce, destructive and merciless.



Bhakti is the divine energy of love and devotion. Bhakti is one of the major four yogic paths that lead to enlightenment, devoting your actions and thoughts in selfless love of the divine. It is a giving and recieiving of love, opening of your heart to trust that there is something beyond what you see that is always holding you, guiding you and loving you as you are. 



The energy of bliss and peace, unity with all that is, all that has been and all that will be. Finding your own connection to the divine sensations of light. Bliss has no time and yet is all of time in an instant. Being open to holding this energy will transform your life as you understand it.