What are Solfeggio Frequencies?

Solfeggio frequencies are 9 specific electromagnetic tones that have the power to heal and raise consciousness.

They have been used for centuries by many ancient civilisations, the most recent example being the chanting of the Gregorian Monks. 

Pope Gregory banned the use of the tones stating they were "too sacred for the masses" and subsequently all music we hear today and all international orchestral instruments are now tuned to 440Hz which is not considered to have healing properties. 

I play crystal healing bowls, made from crushed clear quartz, these beautiful bowls are considered to generate the purest of sounds, have the highest of resonances and produce the greatest amplification of the healing potential. 

What each frequency targets...

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Pain Relief

Natural anesethetic

Heals Physical Pain

Heals Emotional Pain

Increases Courage

Cleanses Aura

Emotional Wellness

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Healing & Restoration

Regenerates Tissues

Heals internal Organs

Increases Energy

Enhances Immune System

Heals Auric Field


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Guilt & Fear Relief

Liberates guilt and feas

Turns grief to joy

Cleanses negativity

Empowers goals

Inner Peace

Root Chakra

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Trauma Healing

Facilitates change

Enhances Creativity

Clears Negative Energy

Manifests Intentions

Cleanses Trauma

Sacral Chakra

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Miracle Tone

Unconditional love frequency


Divine Miracles

Self Confidence

Reprograms DNA

Solar Plexus Chakra

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Balance & Love

Positive Energy

Attracts love

Balances emotions

Heals Relationships

Brings harmony

Heart Chakra

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Cleanses cells

Cleanses viral infections

Purifies body and mind

Self Expression

Problem Solving

Throat Chakra

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Awaken Spirit

Amplifies Intution

Initiates Spiritual Order

Raises cell vibration

Awakens inner strength

Bridge to Higher Self

Third Eye Chakra

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God Tone

Universal consciousness

Pure connection tone

High level intuition


Psychic Vision

Crown Chakra

What can happen during a sound bath?

People have a wide range of different experiences from something similar to a spiritual journey, vivid visualisations, feeling completely washed through and cleansed, like angels are playing with their heart stings and for others it can be intense, for example people feel unable to move, like body parts and moving and altering, physical and emotional pain releasing, some people cry and shake, while others feel nothing and some fall asleep.

There is no right or wrong response to sound healing. Like many therapies its effects build over time with mulitple sessions. People notice changes up to a few months after receiving a sound bath.