My mission is to empower you to fulfill your infinite potential in this mystical, magical lifetime.

1:1 Divine Energetics Coaching

I will support you in getting clear on where you are, where you want to be and help you discover the tools and perspectives that will enable you to get there step by step.

We will look into your blockers at energetic, emotional, mental and physical levels and remove them so you feel free to expand into and create the world you want to live in. 

Coaching isn't a magic wand. You will need to bring your whole self into the process and be open and willing to change.

The beauty of this life is that as you focus, take the steps, manifest and sustain, the universe supports you in ways you could never have imagined.

This is a 12 week personal coaching container. During our work together we will establish new and lasting thought patterns, responses, inner dialogues, decision making practices that amplify into to a new energetic vibration.

We look at the pattern of your energies and identify your own energetic signature, bringing more power to the energies that you are vibbrating less in and amplifying your own unique resonance. 

We work with Divine Energies such as Shakti, Shiva, Gaia, Agni, Vayu, Eros, Bhakti and Sravati mapping them to the activation in your own chakra system and making adjustments on an energetic and physical level to fine tune your vibration. You will experience the laws of attraction, manifestation and sustainment and understand your own ability to flow with the universal flow not against it.

By transforming your present reality we create todal waves into your future. 

Topics covered with clients..

  • Divine Energy Analysis - using 8 Divine Energies we look at which are flowing for you and which are stagnant so you can begin practices to connect with them all when needed. 
  • Myer-Brigg Personality Indicator - a personality profile tool that can help you understand your preferences, how to play to your strengths, level up your non-preferences and relate to others more easily.
  • Inner child work - looking at your current connection, when your wounded child is showing up, how it is impacting you now and how you can re-parent yourself. 
  • Self-love toolkit - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual tools to help you become a kind loving person to yourself.
  • Boundaries and responsibilities - looking out how you set, maintain and flex boundaries, when you tend to take more responsibility than you should or less than you could. 
  • Fears and blocking behaviours - looking at how you stop yourself from moving forwards and what you can do differently to overcome your fears. 
  • Connecting with your values - establishing what really matters to you so you can use it as a guide for decision making.
  • The world as a mirror - what we dislike in others is often what we ourselves need to heal. Mastering the art of bringing everything back to ourselves is the key. 
  • Experiential healing sessions - spiritual journeying to help you release blocks on an energetic level.
  • Manifesting - how to align intention, action and energy to facilitate you receiving what is in your highest.  


During the coaching it was like Helen was unravelling the mysteries of the universe in front of me. I never had so much clarity and my motivation for life is huge right now. Wow!

Caroline B.