About me...

What excites me about my life right now is I get to wake up every day and I feel utterly alive.  I live in a place that feels like heaven to me. I am surrounded by love, nature, and the opportunity to continue to live my best, awakened, “in flow” life.

How did I get here? Like everyone, I have had ups and downs but I found the courage to face who I really am, both my light and my dark, and I have stepped out into my truth.

There have been many challenges but I am genuinely grateful for every twist and turn, lesson, growth opportunity and experience that the universe has gloriously bought me in bringing Dragonfly House to life and now creating Divine Energetics.Co.

Life is a privillege and honour. 

And here is my invitation to you: if you feel the pull to connect with me, do it, and take that step closer towards living the divine life you are destined to have. 

How people describe me...

Courageous, inspirational, unstoppable, true divine feminine power, loving, strong, generous, calm, free, bold, gifted, remarkable, connected, intuitive, creative, centred, safe.

And I am human! I get it wrong, my ego gets involved, I fall of my horse, I say the wrong thing, get decision overwhelm and can be bossy, people pleasing and patronising when I don't remember who I really am. Awareness, honesty, mindfulness and humility are my essential ongoing practices.

My background...

I grew up on the south coast of the UK by the sea in a little town called Seaford. My heart has also felt alive in London, New York, Sydney and now the Andalucian Mountains of southern Spain are my home.

I am a Chartered Psychologist (C.Psychol), a yoga teacher grown from living with a Guru for 9 years, an Experiential Healer, and an Ayurvedic Health Coach. More recently I qualified as a Spirital Coach, Sound Healer and Bio-magnetic and Bio-Energetic Practitioner. I was a Change Manager for global companies for over 20 years as well as currently being the Guardian and Creator of Dragonfly House Spain, a yoga and healing arts retreat centre in the mountains of Antequera.

The loves of my life are my dogs, my soul family, getting stuck into DIY or creating anything with my hands (cakes are a favourite) and loving wholeheartedly the people I get to cross paths with.