Finding balance within...

What are "Dosha's?"

Technically a dosha is an imbalance within the body. In the ancient art of Ayurveda they describe when an element such as earth, water, fire, air or ether has got out of balance in the body and is causing physical issues to arise leading us to experience disease or physical pain.

In the west, because there are patterns to which imbalances particular types of body are prone to, Doshas they have become synonymous with body types. 

"One of the great gifts of understanding the doshas is that you realise that all body types can be perfectly balanced, perfectly healthy, gorgeously beautiful and a comfortable home for the soul living inside them."


So how does knowing your dosha help you?

When you know your dosha you can re-balance yourself through the food you intake, the practices you do like yoga, meditation, mantras and more. You can also heal your body without the reliance on pharmacuetical drugs. 

Your dosha is made up of two parts your prakriti - the body type you were born with and your vikriti - how your body has been influenced by your environment and what you have taken into it. 

Below I describe the three main Doshas. Most of us as a mix of all three to some extent.

 Take a look and see if you recognise your body type from the descriptions below, if you need more guidance you can take my dosha test here.

Kapha - Earth and Water

Associated with steadiness, stability, oil, lubrication, heaviness; Kapha is slow, cold, and soft.  People with this dosha are described as strong, lucious, thick-boned, loving and caring. 

Typical body traits include round features, heavier bones, shorter limbs, wider torso, good muscle development, thick/wavy hair and big eyes. They usual have high immunity, longevity and endurance. 

They tend to be easily forgiving, calm, stable, peaceful, loving, giving and sometimes possesive, dislikling of change. 

Pitta - Fire and Water

Associated with heat, fire, intensity, passion, drive, action, intelligence, speed, athleticism, penetration, presence, precision, sharpness and direction. Pitta body types are medium in size, weight and features which tend to be more angular. 

They tend to be fiery and passionate people, and have a tendency towards getting angry or fired up and can be a little impatient at times. 

Their minds are sharp and active, engaged and directed. 

Vata - Air and Ether

Associated with being usually unusual! Vata energy is light, dry, brittle, cold, flowing, graceful, spacious and rough. 

Physically vata bodies are usually slim and long or slim and petite. Often with some striking or unusual features. Their hair can often have a life of its own!

Mentally they can be fast and creative although are more prone to anxiety, overwhelm and sensitivity sometimes having trouble sleeping and an irregular appetite.