Join me for 3 nights and journey into your divine timeline

Join me live on instagram or via the zoom link below at

8pm UK time, 9pm CET on

27, 28 (full moon) and 29 October. 

In this Sacred Secrets Initiation I will share with you some of the most powerful materials that I have had the privillege to be shown that will raise your vibration and help you move into a new divine timeline. 

Each night join me for the upgrade and then each day move through the journalling prompts and support your transition. 

This Sacred Secrets Initiation is completely free, please share with your loved ones, family, soul tribe and clients. 

What you will experience...

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Awaken the possibilities

Friday 27 October

Sacred Invocation and candle ignition

Join the river Dance Flow

Creatation Meditation

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Full Moon Release

Saturday 28 October

Self-Love Guided Practice

Fire Ceremony

Manifestation Portal Meditation 

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New frequency Alignment

Sunday 29 October

Solfeggio Frequency Sound Bath  

Chakra Visualisation and activation

SOMA release practice

What you will want to prepare

Candle Journal Clear time for 1 hour each night 30 minutes journalling time each day